Admission Information of QAU

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Admission Information of Qingdao Agricultural University

I  About us

Qingdao Agricultural University (QAU), formerly known as Laiyang Agricultural University, is a regular provincial higher education institute among the first universities conferring bachelor degrees under the authority of the State Council. QAU was established in 1951, and has developed herself into a distinctive and multi-disciplinary university of well-coordinated sciences, engineering, agriculture, economics, humanities, and management.

QAU is located in Qingdao, covering an area of 200 hectares. There are 1,119 professional teachers among whom 124 are professors, 261 associate professors, and 213 have doctor degrees, 592 have master degrees. She has 21 colleges, 51 undergraduate programs, and 31 post-graduate programs. There are 9 provincial key disciplines, key laboratories, and engineering technology centers. Owning a collection of 1588,000 volumes of books and a gross worth of 140 million yuan’s equipments, QAU has excellent conditions of research and library, and takes on a great number of research projects from the state or provincial government and enterprises.

QAU is constantly strengthening exchange and cooperation with foreign institutes, and has established relations of academic and personnel exchanges and cooperation with more than 40 higher education institutes in more than 20 countries like the USA, Italy, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands and so on.


II Admission Categories and Enrollment Requirements

Students’ Categories

Study Duration


Time of Checking-in






Junior Middle School Graduates   and Above



More than half of one year

Junior Middle School Graduates   and Above


Summer/Winter Vocation Tourism &Cultural Camp


Group Applicants Only

Summer and Winter Vocation

Degree Candidates



Senior Middle School Graduates, HSK Band Three Owners(Science and Engineering Students),HSK Band Four Owners(Liberal Arts Students)

Early March or Early September



Bachelors, HSK Band Four Owners(Science and Engineering Students),HSK Band Six Owners(Liberal Arts Students)

Early March or Early September


III Programs

1Undergraduate Programs




College of Environmental Art

Landscaping, Art Design, Painting

College of Economics

International Economy and Trade, E-Commerce, Marketing

College of Management

Economy Management of Agriculture and Forestry, Accounting, Financial Management, Logistics Management

College of Information Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology(Computer and Application), Science and Technology of Electronic Information

Electronic Information EngineeringCommunication Engineering

College of Foreign Languages

English(Business English),Japanese, Korean

College of Humanities

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